Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sasando Shop (English Version)

Sasando Shop sale many type of Sasando for gift, collection, and can be used to play for beginner and profesional Sasando Player

We Sale:
Electric Sasando 45 Strings (without stand) IDR 4.250.000,-
Electric Sasando 45 Strings (with stand) IDR 5.000.000,-
Electric Sasando 32 Strings IDR 4.000.000,-
Sasandu (Sasando Gong) IDR 800.000,-  
Sasando 24 Strings (Non Electric) IDR 900.000,- 
Sasando 45 Strings (Non Electric) IDR 2.800.000,-
Sasando for gift & collection IDR 300.000,-
Miniature Sasando (Height 12-15 cm) IDR 50.000,-

Handmade Drawing and used by Profesional Sasando Player
Free: Sasando stem and Cabel 3 meter for each order of electric Sasando.

Contact us for Solo or Group Performance in National and International Ceremony.

This Sasando type is called Violin Sasando and used by all profesional player.

We already served buyers from Indonesia and other countries.

Jl. Dodiklat No.6 (Depan Koperasi SPN)
Oebobo - Kupang 85111
Nusa Tenggara Timur - Indonesia
Mobile: 085738012724

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